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Things to do in Fuengirola

Are you looking to book a holiday or currently in the resort searching for things to do in Fuengirola? Below we have listed the most popular things to do in Fuengirola for families including people of all ages.

Fuengirola Zoo

With other 200 species, the Bioparc Fuengirola Zoo is recognised to be one of the most innovative parks in the world. Due to the ground-breaking zoo-immersion concept introduced by Bioparc. Many animals live side by side in recreated natural habitats. This makes visiting the Bioparc Fuengirola Zoo during a stay on the Costa Del Sol. The perfect opportunity to view up close some of the most endangered animal species in the world. With the zoological park is pro-actively involved with specialist breeding conservation programs. To guarantee the survival of endangered species throughout the world. Watching the Sumatra Tiger and Roloway monkeys in their recreated natural habitats are simply magical.

bioparc fuengirola zoo costa del sol natural habitats rainforest conservation tourist attraction sumatra tiger anatidae antelopes zoo immersion endangered

To ensure the animals held in captivity at the Bioparc are able to develop their natural behaviours and characteristics. The Bioparc has recreated the native tropical forests conditions that are home to many of these endangered species. With the exact rainforest conditions found on the Island of Madagascar Equatorial Africa, Southeast Asia and Pacific Island. This has included recreating wetlands with soil permanently submerged under flowing water. To create the perfect habitat that is ideal for Anatidae, antelopes and wading birds.

Castillo de Sohail

Located on a hill overlooking the Costa Del Sol holiday the resort of Fuengirola. Early settlements have included the Romans around 300BC and Phoenicians during ancient times. Tourists visiting the Castillo de Sohail will not be disappointed by the breathtaking views. When looking across the coastal peninsula and surrounding Fuengirola municipal area. The current imposing castle was erected in 956 AD by ruler Abd-ar-Rahman III an Arab Emir and Caliph of Córdoba. To help improve coastal defences in this region from enemy attackers. However, it was later occupied in 1485 by Christian armies who fought against the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada.

castillo de sohail torreblanca mijas costa del sol romans abd ar rahman rod stewart jennifer lopez bob dylan pop concerts festivals summer marenostrum

During 2000 the local Fuengirola council renovated the castle that had fallen into disrepair. With the tourist attraction now hosting local and international music concerts and festivals in the region. Recent famous pop-stars entertaining crowds within the grounds of Castillo de Sohail. Have included legendary songwriter Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart and American singer Jennifer Lopez.

Aquamijas Fuengirola water park

Visiting Aquamijas Fuengirola water park is a must for anyone staying in Costa Del Sol holiday resort especially families with young children. The popular aquatic water park located on the outskirts of Fuengirola attracts thousands of visitors every year. Since originally opening during the summer of 1986, it continues to remain a popular day-trip excursion. For British, German, French and Scandinavian tourists staying in Fuengirola and surrounding coastal resorts. Aquamijas provides activities for all age groups including adults and children. With wave pools, amusements, water-slides and kamikaze slide for the more adventurous visitors. Also within the 34,000 sq metre park, you will find beautiful picnic areas to relax and shade away from the sun.

aquamijas water park costa del sol mijas aquatic park gotito gotita waterslides kamikaze slidewave pools amusements saver ticket discounts

Young children can also join in the fun and activities with Aquamijas resident mascots Gotito and Gotita. Plus during the summer months between June and September. Aquamijas Fuengirola water park visitors can watch live entertainment performances on the lakeside stage. Visiting the aquatic water park is easy with a regular bus service available from Fuengirola town centre. For families on a tight budget look out for combined reduced price admission saver tickets. That provide access to the Fuengirola water park and Fuengirola Bioparc attraction.

Plaza Constitucion

Relaxing in the traffic-free Plaza Constitucion watching the world go by can be a peaceful retreat. Providing visitors with an escape from the densely populated Fuengirola tourists areas. That usually includes the promenade and beach throughout the day. Window shopping, browsing the many shops located in the Plaza Constitucion can be a welcomed break from sunbathing. When also exploring the winding streets leading from the square into Fuengirola old town. Also for holidaymakers seeking a genuine culinary experience. We can recommend the many restaurants and bars located around the Plaza Constitucion. Serving traditional authentic Andalusian Spanish tapas dishes. For tourists interested in local history and or architecture. The Roman Catholic Parroquia De Nuesstra Senora Del Rosario church and fountain located in the plaza are a must see. The white exterior church and magnificent bell tower provide a stunning photo opportunity. When taking pictures within the historic Plaza Constitucion.

Plaza Constitucion constitution square Catholic Parroquia De Nuesstra Senora Del Rosario church tourist visitor guide

If you are unable to find any suitable gifts or souvenirs within the shops surrounding the plaza. We recommend visiting the Centro Comercial Miramar shopping centre. The modern shopping centre opened in 2004 is home to many local Spanish and international brands. Selling fashion clothing, accessories, gifts and local craft souvenirs. Also for tourists hiring a rental car the Miramar shopping centre provides free parking.

Fuengirola Street market

Visiting the Fuengirola Street market can be an entertaining thrilling experience. With traders selling everything from jewellery to footwear on their stalls. Holidaymakers attending the vibrant weekly street market are sure to find a bargain. By purchasing goods at heavily discounted rates when compared to shop prices. The open-air Fuengirola Street market is held every Tuesday afternoon in Constitution Square.

fuengirola street market tuesday afternoon costa del sol leather goods shoes food jewellery local arts crafts heartbeat bar

Exploring the crowded Tuesday afternoon market is a fun activity with family and or friends. Also with many fine leather goods and crafts for sale on the market stalls, it’s also possible to haggle and negotiate the lowest price they’ll accept.

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